Posted by Robert Angus

We are excited to announce that our website has been significantly updated. We recognise that when it comes to marketing your property in 2018, digital is very important. We have therefore invested in developing a world class website that focuses on the user. Our site is clean, responsive and simple to navigate so its easy on the eye and doesn’t tire you with endless clutter and options. The new design is different but very familiar to anyone who has visited

We listened closely to your feedback and have incorporated it into this new update. You can now find our listings easier and loading will be much faster, no need to click through sliders anymore, just scroll! The site has been fully optimised for tablet and mobile but we noticed in Taranaki that many of our users are using desktop and laptops. We have therefore spent a lot of time optimising the experience on desktop as well. The site was designed by Brendon Smale.

We are also offering our clients the opportunity to be featured on the both the Homepage and the Properties page with our new Master Featured Property. This hero property appears on the top of both pages before all other listings, the best place to be! Thinking about selling? We will make sure your property looks great on version 2.0 of our website, get in touch today.